Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pinewood Derby Woes

Hmmm, I wonder who the oldest cub scout it?
Daniel always loses big time at the Pinewood Derby.

Like, last place.

This was his last year, and his last chance at redemption. So we researched car types, and we spent hours on his car. 

It was awesome. It was everything it was supposed to be in order to win. Then we pounded in the wheels, and thought we were good to go. Daniel was certain he was going to win. 

He didn't. 

He came in last place. Again. 

His car was in first place in every race, until it hit the straight stretch. Then it became evident that there was something wrong with the wheels. He car was wobbling, which was causing it to slow down, big time. 

He was devastated. He wanted to destroy his car. He threw away his ribbon. Let's be honest, I was devastated too! I really thought he would win, and I wanted him to have that victory so badly. Since the design was my idea (based on my internet "research") I felt like I had failed him. 

Damn Pinewood Derby.

So I came home and gave him one of his birthday presents early -- a punching bag. 

He felt better pretty quick.

He leaves Cub Scouts this week and heads to Boy Scouts. The bad news is, Jake goes into Cub Scouts this fall, then Ben follows the next year.

I have to do this Pinewood Derby thing 6 more times. SIX MORE TIMES. 

Damn Pinewood Derby.

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