Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Benson David

Ben. What can I say about Ben? He's about to turn 6, and he's full of life, personality and VOLUME. He's always the loudest person in the room, and no one ever has to wonder how he's feeling about something. He's either giggling with delight, or crying with disappointment. It's never in between.

Ben started Kindergarten this year, and is doing wonderful. He makes friends easily, and his teacher  says he is the friendliest kid he's ever met. He and I spend our afternoons together, and he wants my attention for every second of it. He loves to come up with new games, create new things, and can spend hours playing with Speedy (his stuffed turtle) and Poochie (his stuffed dog). Lately he has also been drawing and writing quite a bit.

Ben says some of the funniest things ever heard by mankind. Sometime when I'm not so lazy, I'll find them all on my facebook page and post them here. He always makes us laugh, and his excitement and enthusiasm is infectious. He gives the greatest prayers, and has a sweet testimony.

He can also be the most frustrating child imaginable. He will cry, beg, argue, plead, lie, sneak and scream. He plays his "youngest child" card whenever possible, and is constantly tattling. His loud voice translates to loud crying, and it gets louder the longer it goes on.

Most of the time, though, I think of the word "Joy" when I look at Benson. He brings joy to our home, and he is so full of joy himself.

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